Monday, November 28, 2016

EPP Fabian family takes on Orlando FL Vacation

 As many of you know living with EPP can be tricky.  When deciding and preparing for our family trip.  We knew it would be difficult but we choose to conquer together and have a wonderful time in the Orlando Florida area.  How would we get through the Sun, was there any Shade?  To our surprise with a few calls and planning we had a wonderful family vacation.  Here are some things that we did to help make our trip enjoyable.  Hope you all enjoy!

Both of my adult children, Kevin and Katie, have EPP.  I never risked a trip to Orlando when they were younger – due to cost and risk of them having a reaction to the sun, ruining a very expensive trip.  Fortunately, we were able to go in November 2016.  It was the best trip we have ever taken together as a family.

We stayed on Universal Studio’s property at the Hard Rock Hotel.  This included 4 day passes to Universal with Fast Passes on every ride (except a couple in Harry Potter World).  The Fast Passes WERE THE BEST EVER – it allows you to go in a line separate from the regular line.  Luckily, we went at a time the parks weren’t particularly busy.  (I later learned that February is the least busy time.  A driver also said Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are the least busy days of the week.  Additionally, early afternoon is least busy as families go back to their hotels with young children to take naps).

We did present their doctor’s notes at the Customer Courtesy desk at Universal and were given one pass for our entire family to go ahead of any Fast Pass line that we needed.  The young man did not even need to read the notes – he was so accommodating and friendly.  As it turns out, we did not need to present the medical pass as most of the lines were quick with the Fast Pass or in the shade and not necessary.

The first two days were CLOUDY (yeah!!!) though good quality sunscreen was applied regardless, as well as gloves, hats, long sleeve shirts and pants worn.  Temps in the 70’s was perfect.  We spent our first two days at Universal.

Third day, VERY SUNNY, but we set this day to go to Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom – we took Uber and ventured to Hollywood Studios in the morning and afternoon.   We stopped at Guest Services – again, a VERY nice young man told us we really didn’t need the doctor’s pass.  We would just tell the worker in whatever line that we needed to go to the front.  We had 3 Fast Passes that I scheduled our times in advance on the APP on my phone and it synced with our tickets.  All 3 of these rides/events were inside.  There were many shady areas, stores, and outdoor seating with shade.  We weren’t there for kid rides and such – and we planned exactly what we wanted to do for the most part.  For us, we had no need to go to the head of any Fast Pass lane we were in.

We took the shuttle to the Magic Kingdom around 3 pm.  I was able to schedule (with the APP) a Fast Pass one at a time.  We chose the Haunted Mansion (it had a 2 hour wait) – we were on the ride within 10 minutes.   We saw a few other indoor events. As the sun was down by 5:30, we were free to roam around until the show started.  I chose this day to go to Magic Kingdom since they were open later with a fireworks show at 9 pm.  We got our spot to view the MOST SPECTACULAR fireworks display we’ve ever seen.  

Our 4th day, Kevin spent his time in the Harry Potter parks while Katie and I went poolside.  She was in the shade, and I was in the sun.  We were on opposite sides of the pool, but later could find a mutually enjoyable spot.  We went back to Universal around 5 until it closed at 8 pm.  City Walk is open until 2 am with restaurants, and we walked over there for dinner OUTSIDE.  J
Our last day, we went back to Universal – using those Fast Passes for rides we missed, and then we spent a couple hours in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Those two parks are truly the shadiest place in the two Universal parks (especially Diagon Alley).

Staying protected with cover up and sunscreen, shadow hopping, taking advantage of the Fast Passes, and planning helped us have a SUN REACTION FREE vacation that we’ve always dreamed of in Orlando FL.  P.S.  Stay hydrated as well – the parks allow you to bring in a bottle of water.

 If you would like more tips on EPP & sun in the fun check out for all your needs including camps for the kids.

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