Friday, October 14, 2016

Taking Notes and Recording Your Visit

Taking Notes and Recording Your Visit~

Have you ever felt overwhelmed during a Doctor's appointment in which you received a large amount of information?  I know I have.  Perhaps you didn't ask any questions at the time even though you felt you had questions once you had time to process all of the details. 

     Your not alone.  Many patients find themselves with many unanswered questions once they have a chance to look over the printed materials and digest the information.

These tips may help you feel more informed during your next visit:

  • Write down a list of specific questions.

  • Bring someone to the appointment with you to listen, take notes, and record the visit.

  • Verbally summarize the instructions for the doctor or the nurse

  • Ask pointed questions such as: "can you please review with me again what I need to know about getting Porphyria testing done right?"

Many health care providers are using a technique called "Teach-Back" to ensure you understand what they just explained.  They may ask you open ended questions rather than just expecting a yes or a no response.  This is an opportunity for you to recap what you just heard which helps to reinforce the information.

                   Have fun trying this new technique at your next Doctor's appointment! 

                                                          "Remember....Research is the key to your cure!"

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