Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Here is some New Information. Part 1 of 2 Press Release for the Acute Type Porphyrias

Here is some New Information.  Part 1 of 2 Press Release for the Acute Type Porphyrias

September 16, 2015

Dear Alnylam Patient Connect Community,

We are excited to share news of clinical progress with ALN-AS1, a subcutaneously administered (i.e., injection), investigational RNAi therapeutic targeting aminolevulinic acid synthase 1 (ALAS1) for the treatment of acute hepatic porphyrias. On September 15th, we presented initial clinical data from our ongoing Phase 1 study of ALN-AS1 during an oral presentation at the International Congress of Porphyrins and Porphyrias (ICPP) in Dusseldorf, Germany.

You can read our press release and view our data presentation here.

We are very excited by the data from our ALN-AS1 program. On behalf of all of us at Alnylam, we are committed to advancing this novel, investigational medicine for people living with hepatic porphyrias.

Alnylam Patient Connect

Note:  If you are a patient, we encourage you to speak to your physician to obtain information about our clinical trials.  Detailed information about our trials can be found

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