Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Note from Dr Peter Tishler Office

Hello dear members, we have an open letter from Dr. Peter Tishler to share with you.

To: Individuals with Acute Porphyrias, who are Members of American Porphyria Foundation
Subject: Communication to us the benefits of your medications

Dear Folks,
I have established the American Porphyria Foundation Drug Database, for you all to consult for drug safety (or not) when you are prescribed a new medication. I received information from many of you several years ago, and added lots of your information to the Drug Database. I write you now to ask you to report me the names and results of any drugs you have been taking since the beginning of 2013, so that I can compare your report with the Drug Database and hopefully add new information (OK! or BAD!) to the Database.
Please complete the attached table and send it to the American Porphyria Foundation at 4900 Woodway Dr. Ste 780, Houston, TX 77056, or copy this table and send it back to us via Email. Many thanks!

Medication Name
Date Started
Problem with Medication

Yes - Date
Yes - Nature of Problem

 "Remember.... Research is the key to your cure!"

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