Monday, July 6, 2015

A Note from the APF: Desiree Lyons~

A Note from the APF: Desiree Lyons~

Hi all,
The APF is facilitating research. One research trial is very easy. It is called the Longitudinal Study because you will answer questions over a few years.
All you have to do is talk with a research team member and answer their questions and answer an extensive questionnaire. This is your chance to tell everything you want Drs to know about YOUR porphyria.
You don't have to fly anywhere. We need you badly. The more ppl who participate, the more the government sees the number of people who have porphyria ...and can determine a real incidence rate. This in turn leads to more research funding. . Call the APF office and be put together with a research coordinator at a porphyria research center.
This is so easy. Everyone should be doing this. Research is the key to our cure. Apf staff, Natalia and Jessica , will tell you about other research opportunities. .
Toll free. 866.APF.3635.
Or save the APF funds by calling 713.266.9617
Please do today .

                                      "Remember.... Research is the key to your cure!"

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