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~ King George III and Porphyria ~

~ King George III and Porphyria ~
Some historians have speculated that King George III of England suffered from Variegate Porphyria. According to notes made by the physicians attending him at that time, he suffered symptoms similar to those seen in an acute attack of porphyria: abdominal pain, constipation, rashes, confusion and severe weakness in his limbs. They also mentioned that he had dark reddish urine during these sieges and that he was often "mad." The royal physicians were not permitted to conduct extensive physical examinations, so they had to depend on what King George told them about his condition.
On one occasion when he was having a relapse of his mental and physical symptoms, Parliament debated his ability to maintain his position as King. Interestingly, he spontaneously recovered. Since George III ruled during the American Revolution, he was thought to have had a significant impact on Britain’s loss to the revolutionaries. His mental and physical lapses were blamed for much of the mishandling of the war. In 1811, George suffered a severe relapse and subsequently was dethroned by the Prince of Wales.
After researching the physicians' reports, Drs. Ida Macalpine and Richard Hunter proposed that King George might have had one of the acute porphyrias. They published their theory in the British Medical Journal in 1966 and later wrote a book, George III and the Mad Business, which presented more detailed accounts of King George's malady. It is important to note that a number of Porphyria specialists and other physicians disagree with their theory. However, over the years it has been widely publicized.

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