Monday, February 23, 2015

Support & Purchase APF for Awareness Week 100% goes back to APF

New APF Stuff is here gets yours today before they go! All Pictures included below

New APF Long Sleeve & Short Sleeve APF T-Shirts are here!

• Short Sleeve White/Purple Lettering
• Long Sleeve are Dark Grey w/ Purple Lettering
Our hope for the T-shirts is that you all will buy and wear them to help promote and raise questions about Porphyria and to raise funds for the Dr. Packets, pain Management docs, among many other publications we make available at no cost. There are also some copies of Porphyria Live for sale. For information on how to order the T-Shirts and/or the Porphyria Live Video see below.
You can order a T-shirt and/or Porphyria Live DVD, Awareness Ribbons & Wristbands by sending an email order to

I must have name, complete address, and phone number. Also include the Quantity of T-shirts and the size for each one.
To accept payment: One of two options: 1} I can accept Paypal VISA/MC only I must have full name on the card, account#, exp. date, 3 digit code on back of card CVV-

2}I will accept money orders. You must have name/address/phone # on them. Your information will be kept confidential and never on file, and will be destroyed promptly after each transaction. Address will be supplied after order is received for privacy purposes.

*The APF will not take orders or calls about T-shirts*

Once I receive the order I will ship out your product.
All products will be shipped out Priority mail with tracking. Each person also will receive a receipt with T-shirts.
T-shirts come in the following sizes S, M, L XL,1xl, 2xl, 3xl they are 100% cotton, heavy not thin, and very durable. No other sizes.
The price per T-shirts is 19.00$/shirt. Long sleeve shirts are priced at 25.00$/shirt. This covers the shirt, shipping and tracking, and priority mail. International orders: I will have to consult first with the post office for shipping rates.

The price of the Porphyria Live DVD is $10.00 each. Shipping is included in the price. See for content info.
****We now are selling Porphyria Awareness Ribbons****

We have Dark Red, Dark Purple, Royal Blue, Mixed Red/Purple they each come with a pin on the back.
Each are 2.00$ each or 4/8.00$
 - Please specify what color you are wanting or I will give assortment per order. If purchasing another APF items there is no extra charge for shipping.
Don’t forget we also have the APF wristbands to match in the same colors as the ribbons. Please specify what color you are wanting or I will give assortment per order. Shipping is 6.00$ for all the wristbands.
Cost for wristbands is 2/6.00$ or 3.00$ each

100% of all funds received will go back to the APF

"Remember....Research is the key to your cure!"

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