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Take Steps to Improve Your Health

Take Steps to Improve Your Health

DO YOU remember Ram, mentioned in the first article of this series? Like many others around the world, Ram was unaware of how important proper eating and other daily practices are to health. He relates: “The Awake! article ‘Nutritious Foods Within Your Reach’ (May 8, 2002) helped me to understand why we should be aware of nutrition.”
Ram explains: “As a family, we tried to apply what we learned from the article. After a while, we found that our immune systems were strengthened. Before we began paying attention to our nutrition, we used to catch colds quite often, but now we seldom do. We also learned about economical and easy ways to obtain clean drinking water, thanks to theAwake! article ‘Six Ways to Safeguard Your Health.’”—September 22, 2003.
“Another Awake! article helped me to improve the health of my family. It was entitled ‘Soap—A “Do-It-Yourself Vaccine,”’ in the November 22, 2003, issue. We tried the suggestions in this article as soon as we read it. Now we no longer suffer from eye infections as before.
Do not give up! Whatever adjustments you need to make, you may experience more success by starting gradually and not setting unreachable goals for yourself. For example, try cutting down on less-healthful foods, rather than cutting them out. Try going to bed a little earlier and getting a little more exercise. Doing something is better than doing nothing. It normally takes time—weeks or months—before a new good habit becomes second nature. In the meantime, if you do not see immediate benefits from your extra efforts, do not despair. If you persist, despite setbacks, your health is likely to improve.
In this imperfect world, it is impossible for anyone to attain perfect health. When you get sick, it may be the result, not of negligence on your part, but of inherent human frailty. Therefore, do not let health concerns, or anything else, cause you undue stress and anxiety.  Instead, simply try to avoid things that needlessly shorten life and impair its quality. Doing so can help you to enjoy the best health possible!

Good Health to you all!
"Remember.....Research is the key to your cure!"

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