Friday, October 3, 2014

Exciting New Continuing Medical Education Course CME & #PorphyriaPieChallenge

Exciting New Continuing Medical Education Course CME
With Drs Herbert Bonkovsky, Lisa Kehrberg and Brendan M. McGuire.
Acute Intermittent Porphyria: A View From the Trenches    Herbert Bonkovsky, MD; Brendan M. McGuire, MD, MS; Lisa Kehrberg, MD
CME/CE Released: 09/25/2014 ; Valid for credit through 09/25/2015
Please advise your physicians of this free CME course for CME credit. 
You, too, can watch the video by joining the complimentary Medscape online site.
You can register easily and view porphyria videos, as well as a host of additional excellent articles written about all types of porphyria. 
To get registered and watch an introductory video please follow the link:
Our thanks to Dr Bonkovsky, Dr Kehrberg and Dr McGuire.   

If you haven't heard about our fun way to increase porphyria awareness, it is not too late to get involved!  We are doing a porphyria pie challenge with a goal to increase porphyria awareness and raise funds for porphyria research.
Thanks to our member Sarah Lee for coming up with an idea and opening a challenge with her own video.
Watch Desiree Lyon Howe (APF Executive Director), Dr. Lisa Kehrberg, and Rose Jeans accepting the challenge and taking a pie to the face on our website and our YouTube channel:
#porphyriapiechallenge hashtag to your post will help it circulate through Facebook and Twitter better and gain the awareness level to make a difference.
If you read this, you have officially been challenged to participate. You have 24 hours; let's get a pie in a face!

"Remember.....Research is the key to your cure!"

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