Monday, September 8, 2014

A Day In My SHOES!

A day in my shoes would do some people some good, 
A day in my shoes would make my efforts understood, 
A day in my shoes would make people understand, 
What's it's like to be me, 
What it's like not having people 
Who are different from you giving you a hand, 
A day in my shoes would make you aware, 
That people like me surely do care, 
The insults are hurtful, 
The name calling isn't nice, 
I never do anything wrong, 
And still I pay the price, 
If you spent just one day in my shoes, 
You would surely feel the way I do, 
\You'd feel hated and surely misunderstood, 
I know you can never really have a day in my shoes, 
All it is, is impossible, 
But you can still think about how it would you make me feel, 
When I'm made fun of it's not a game, 
It's the real deal. 

                       "Remember....Research is the key to your cure!"

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