Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fundraiser or Special Event Volunteer

Fundraiser or Special Event Volunteer

It's about that time when the cooler weather hits and we do some out door races, running, skiing or out door fun activity have you considered  holding a special event and awareness 
for the American Porphyria Foundation?  Let's get creative, involved and work together!

Let's have some FUN!
Thanks to the efforts of our fund-raising volunteers, revenue generated through special events fundraising helps the APF link members through the In Touch network, fund research, and educate physicians, patients and the general public about porphyria. There are many creative ways to raise money, and we can guide you in designing a fundraiser that will be easy for you to run. Some people enjoy hosting community events like a run or a raffle. Others prefer neighborhood events like a spaghetti dinner or bake sale.
Many of our members have written a letter to their family, friends, co-workers or religious community to let them know how the APF has helped them and asking recipients to give to the APF. Doing this will help educate others about a condition that has deeply affected your life, and help other porphyria patients at the same time.
Many families have had success asking people to donate in honor of a birthday, or in memory or honor of someone special to them.
Be sure to let people you write to know:
1) What you are asking them to do and why;
2) What porphyria has meant to you;
3) How the APF has affected your life; and
4) How to donate.
Before you begin planning a fundraiser, please contact us at the APF office (866-APF-3635 or 713-266-9617). Remember, we are here to help you meet your fundraising goals. We can help you brainstorm, provide suggestions and put you in touch with others who have organized similar events. Thank you for your help, and happy fundraising!

“Remember…..Research is the key to your cure!”

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