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Why Be Healthy When Being Average is So Easy?

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You’re OK.
You’ve probably got what you need. Maybe you’re already in good shape, and no big health concerns. You’re having a good time, you’ve got a nice place to live, a job, and the problems you do have are way more important than making up any health issues which aren’t even getting in your way.
Doing what you’re doing is easy.
But what people don’t realise is caring about health can be just as easy. The hardest part, is actually change itself.
When you are enjoy the way you live, exercising the way you do and eating in a way you truly appreciate, being healthy is not hard. But learning to appreciate some of these is hard for some people, when they have done it differently their whole lives. But once you can  achieve this mindset there no more trying, no more frustration. This is why I always say lifestyle is the key to long term success and diets suck. Some people take on all the principles I would recommend, but its all short-term. They haven’t told themselves in their mind this is the way they want to live from now on. They are usually looking for the numbers on the scale to change.
It takes mental effort, and a little perseverance to change deep ingrained habits. Why bother? Why be healthy? You’re OK now, there’s nothing wrong…
Well, I’m always going on about living longer, feeling better, looking better, having more energy, being mentally alert, not getting fat, or worrying about getting fat, or not getting ill so much, or recovering from illness faster.
Some people want these things, but for many, the possibility is still not enough to motivate change. 
These are things it’s hard to go out and buy (except for drugs in some cases but I’m sure you don’t need educating there). These things take a long-term view. The results pay off over time. You wont eat fish today and wake up smarter tomorrow.
The sad things is, people often find the determination to change only when things get bad. You hear about people suddenly facing a life threatening illness which puts their problems in perspective, and then they realise why it’s worthwhile. Sometimes they make a miraculous recovery.
But smart people don’t wait for threatening circumstances to motivate them, they are the people who would pursue the reward than be pushed by the pointy stick (I’m sure there’s a better metaphor out there). They have goals to achieve. New perspectives. Becoming better people, not just physically, but mentally too. Becoming a human being which they are proud to be.
Making the kind of changes were talking about gives you a personal power over your own life and outcomes which many people have not achieved. They accept where they are and don’t move forward. But change makes life interesting. You can go your whole life doing what you’re doing and getting the results you have always got. Or you can question what is possible for you, and find new ways to reach a potential you never realised existed.
Being healthy is just one way to help you reach new levels of greatness. Whatever it is you choose to be.
Remember....Research is the key to your cure!

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