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Hi APF Friends and family.  Order for Awareness Week has begun.  Please know that you are ordering these products and 100% of the profits go to the APF.  I have ordered many products these are all excellent quality items that are from retail stores.  This year we will be using first giving sight and the use of my email.  I am asking that each order placed please add an additional 5.00$ to cover the cost of shipping.  To place an order follow these steps:  Limit for shipping  is 2 items for each order for hats and totes and bags.
{1.} You can place your order by sending a money order or personal check to the following address.  Amy Chapman 10475 Gandy BLVD N Unit 3417 St. Petersburg FL 33702. No tax is taken and will receive a paid receipt.  Suggested method per APF!
{2.} Next please send me an email {} with Item numbers you want 1-13 and quantity (color of bag or hat) once I receive your donation I will mail all order’s out.  You MUST INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND FULL MAILING ADDRESS.**If out of the USA please contact before placing an order shipping rates may change**
{3.} I will email you when item is shipped.  I will NOT take any orders from FACEBOOK.

I have bought these items myself and out-of-pocket.  We need to keep the APF going for PTF, Supplies, Dr. Education your donations are so much appreciated.  Thank you all for your support and have fun shopping.
***All Cups have Pens, APF materials, Post it notes and much more in each***
1. Double-Wall Travel Mugs with Flip-Top Lids, 16 oz.
Save money and the environment with this chic reusable travel mug! Double-wall design helps keep drinks warm or cold and the textured non-slip sleeve helps you keep a grip on hot beverages without the burn. Plus, the screw-on lid with a flip open cap helps prevent leaks and spills. Assorted among the colors shown.  BPA Free
9.99 each


2. Double-Wall Plastic Travel Mugs, 16 oz.
Take beverages on the go with this convenient travel mug! Double-wall design keeps drinks hot or cold, plus cap screws on tightly and has a sliding sip opening for less spills-assorted colors.  BPA Free
8.00 each

3.     Kids Water  Bottle
13.5 oz.  With Snack holder at Bottom just twist.  Wear over the shoulder strap.  Assorted Colors BPA Free
7.00 each

4 Ladies’ Fashion Sun Hats

Hit the beach this summer in style!  Or hop in the shade! Fashion sun hats are a great way to protect your skin and eyes while having fun in the sun. Great for the beach, lounging round the pool, or working in the yard or garden. 15" Ladies Fashion Sun hats, assorted between brown and tan with tan and black trim. 16.00 each
5. Fedora Hat’s By Burnaby of NY
Fashion sun hats are a great way to protect your skin and eyes while having fun Men’s or Woman’s assorted between brown and tan. 10.00 each

6.  Red Fedora Hats
These are daring sharp hats for a fun event or day on the town.  Quality constructed.  Has a black trim make's a statement.  Red for the APF! Men’s or Women’s 19.00 each

7.  Reusable Tote’s
A Brand you can Trust.  Go GREEN!  12inW x14inH x8.5inD Prefect for meds, paperwork, lunches, Doctors Office, and comes in Black and White Floral and Turquoise Blue Both with the
 APF logo. 6.00 each

8. Zippered APF Bag
Zipped Bag with pockets inside and out.  Comes with a Water Bottle (Black or White) Comes with APF Info, Comes in Red, Black and Green colors.  This item has handles and great for overnight trips, day to day activities, carry your APF ER Kit and Dr. Information, made of Quality construction and water resistant. Has APF Logo on it. 10.00 each

9.  APF- Wristbands
100% Silicone Comes in Purple, Red/Purple, and Light Blue says:  APF-PORPHYRIA

10.  Women’s Decorative Scarfs
Comes in Black, Purple, Red, Orange, Coral, Blue, and Lime.  Many ways to where this dressy or everyday look. 8.00 each

11.  EMTEC 16 GIG USB Drive
You can’t go wrong with this handy dandy gadget.  Store all your medical records, medication list, safe/unsafe APF Acute Drug List, Doctors Names and Address and Numbers Get smart and save some time.  It comes in so handy in the Doctor’s office, ER whatever your need it for.  
Yellow with APF logo on Front 14.00$

12. All Furry Animals Lovers~ Kitty pillows with catnip

These handmade kitty pillows with all fresh natural catnip will keep your kitty happy every day.  Handmade by an AIP patient.  Don’t forget your furry friend. 4/10/00 or 2.50 each

13. All Furry Animals Lovers~ Doggie’s Toys~ with squeakers

These handmade Doggie toys with squeaker have all natural fibers and plastic small squeaker.  Your doggie needs love to, buy for a great cause.  APF. 4.50 each

To make ONLY Cash, Credit Card donations follow this link. via @firstgiving

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