Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meet PTF Dr. Amanpal Singh

Amanpal Singh, MD, MS is one of our newet Protect the Future (PTF) doctors training with porphyria specialist, Dr. Karl Anderson. Dr. Singh is a Gastroenterology and Liver expert at University of Texas
Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas where he serves as the Chief Fellow, in the Department of Gastroenterology. After finishing medical school at the most prestigious institution in India, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, he received a Master’s degree in Epidemiology from Harvard University.

Currently, Dr. Singh is collaborating with Dr. Karl Anderson to study the epidemiology of porphyrias and patterns
of care for porphyria patients in the United States using claims based database. He brings his wide experience
working with large databases, like the national Medicare claims database, to help determine baseline data on the burden of
disease and quality of care that porphyria patients receive. Dr. Singh is also managing porphyria patients with Dr. Anderson.
Porphyria patients travel to the Texas Porphyria Center from around the nation and even internationally to seek expert care for their particular type of porphyria. They come for diagnosis and treatment, thus, giving Dr. Singh clinical experience in all types of porphyria.

In either case, most of the patients have endured a host of tests without receiving a diagnosis and are very grateful when they
receive a diagnosis at UTMB. Aside from his main medical interests, Dr. Singh is involved in performing comparative effectiveness research and health services research and has accumulated an extensive list of peer reviewed publications and presentations Dr. Singh recently attended the PTF Training Week with other PTF doctors at the UTMB Porphyria Center. We are grateful that he will be counted among the future experts. We are proud to have a physician of Dr. Singh’s caliber. WELCOME !!!!!!!

Remember....Research is the Key to your cure! 

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