Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How To Make The Perfect Salad

How To Make The Perfect Salad

Whether you’re a vegetarian, foodie, health-conscious mom, busy professional, or anything in between, there is a colorful, delicious salad just for you. If you haven’t found that perfect salad that you just love, you’re in the right place, because we are here to help you with our completely custom, foolproof salad how-to. Just pick what you like, pile on the nutritious ingredients, and enjoy a hearty, healthy, homemade salad…

Healthy Hint: Make your own DIY salad dressing and cut hundreds of calories out of your meal. Our Creamy Dill Ranch is just 19 calories and our Tomato-Herb Dressing is just 20 calories. We also love these Spring-fresh dressings: Fresh Strawberry Dressing for 26 calories and our 62-calorie Lemon-Mint Vinaigrette.

Get Inspired
Now that you are armed with all the elements to create salad perfection, you’ll need a little inspiration, no? Here are some of our favorite salads…
• The Busy Lady – For the woman on-the-go an energy boosting lunch is a must. Power up with super foods like chicken, spinachavocado, and goat cheese. The super charged ingredients in Recipe Girl’s salad will support you through your hectic schedule. 
• For the Kiddos – Get the kids excited about veggies with this Taco Salad Bowl from Cherry on my Sundae. This salad tastes like Mexican night, but with the health benefits of avocado,black beans, grilled chicken, and crunchy chopped veggies. Added perk? Moms and dads seem to enjoy this one, too…

• The Adventurer – Ready to step out of the box? Iowa Girl Eats mixed the unexpected flavors of apples, salmon, beets, cranberries and many more yummy ingredients to create a uniquely delicious and super nutritious lunch.

• The Veggie Lover – Super delicious and packed with protein-filled lentils, this salad from the Kitchen Confidante is hearty enough to keep vegetarians feeling full and satisfied.

• You can grab more salad inspiration on our Pinterest board.

What does your perfect salad look like? Combine the ingredients above (or other favorites) and share your signature salad with us!

Remember~ Research is your key to a cure!

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